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Book Cover-Stitching through the Layers by Melody Crust

Stitching Through the Layers; The Art and Elegance of Straight Line Quilting

One-half day workshop
All skill levels

Do you have a project that could use help with the "what, why & how" of quilting? Discover the elements of winning quilting designs and how to apply them to your tops. We will explore whether to hand or machine quilt, selecting, fitting and marking quilting design, all about thread, and the basics of batting and basting. The emphasis of this workshop is the creative use of the quilted line. Learn to successfully finish all your projects. This informative workshop is for both traditional and non-traditional quilters

Supply List
  • Quilt tops (1 or 2 is enough, more is okay too)
  • Ideas for quilting designs-books, stencils and ?



  • Photos of quilts you like

Contact me about availability and fee schedule

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