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Published (selected)

  • Stitching Through the Layers; The Art & Elegance of Straight Line Quilting, Osterman Media
  • Eye Candy Quilts: Adding Sparkle and Fun, Breckling Press
  • Through the Needle , Issue 20, Parisiene Rose
  • Quilting Arts Magazine , City in Green
  • Quilter's Newsletter Magazine, April issue , About Space
  • Sew Simple Magazine , Volume 8, Paint sticks Color your world
  • Through the Needle , Issue 28, High Society
  • Sew Simple Magazine , Volume 9, Fabric Foiling
  • McCall's Quilting Magazine , August issue, Paint, Glorious Paint!
  • Alzheimer's Forgetting Piece by Piece, Mallery Press, Inc., Flint, MI
  • Garfield Gazette , May 24, profile
  • Magnifique, (DVD), Bernina of America (cover), Parisiene Rose
  • Quilt Toppings, Breckling Press, Chicago, IL
  • International Quilt Market, Fall 2006, Buyers Guide, Parisiene Rose
  • Through the Needle , Issue 20, Parisiene Rose
  • Belle Armoire, Vol.6, Issue 20, Magnifique 
  • Pacific Northwest Quiltfest, profile
  • King County Journal, February 19, profile
  • Quilter's Newsletter Magazine, June issue , Quiltmaker's Workshop
  • McCall's Quilting Magazine , October issue, Thread Toppings!
  • The Appliqué Society Newsletter , March issue, Personal profile
  • The Quilter , May Issue, Personal profile
  • Quilter's World , October, Stenciling on Fabric
  • Quilting with Bernina, inaugural issue
  • Quilt Central-Interview
  • M'Liss's World of Quilts-Interview as feature artist
  • Quilt World, March, "Create a Winning Hand-Quilting Design" 
  • Quilter's Newsletter Magazine #345, "The Mystery of Quilt Design"
  • Quilting Professional, "Meet Quilting Teacher, Melody Crust", May
  • All About Quilting: A to Z, Contributing author, C&T Publishing and Quilter's Newsletter
  • Quilter's Newsletter Magazine, #347, Ping An- the pattern
  • A Fine Line: Techniques and Inspirations for Creating the Quilting Design, Melody Crust and Heather Waldron Tewell, The Quilt Digest Press, Lincolnwood, IL
  • Quilter's Newsletter Magazine, #320, Star Bright
  • Art/Quilt Magazine, review, issue #10
  • Contemporary QuiltArt Assoc. web page: ww.contemporaryquiltart.com
  • Nine, KCTS TV Magazine, November, Jacks
  • Quilter's Newsletter Magazine, September, "The Right Needle for the Job"
  • Quilters' Gallery, October, Mah Jongg, Champagne, Nababeep
  • Patchwork Quilts, October 1998, "For the Love of Color"
  • Art/Quilt Magazine, June, Wildfire
  • Art/Quilt Magazine, June, Kobe Lights
  • Medford Mail Journal, June, Wildfire
  • Patchwork Quilts, August, Mah Jongg
  • Lady's Circle Patchwork Quilts, April, Wildfire
  • Fine Art Quilts, Work by Artists of the Contemporary QuiltArt Association, Laura Reinstatler, editor, That Patchwork Place, Bothell, WA
  • Quilter's Newsletter Magazine, No. 294, China Rose
  • FiberArts International, Nov/Dec, Kobe Lights
  • Quilter's Newsletter Magazine, No. 298, Spot Light
  • Lady's Circle Patchwork Quilts, April, Wildfire
  • "How Do Quilters Come Up with Good Ideas", Quilt World, March 1997
  • Natures Patterns, Joyce Becker, Quilt Digest Press, NTC Publishing Group, Lincolnwood, IL
  • Contributor to Quilted for Christmas Volume Ill, That Patchwork Place, Bothell, WA
  • Contributor to Quilted for Christmas Volume ll, That Patchwork Place, Bothell, WA
  • "Easy Inked Labels," Quilter's Newsletter Magazine, No. 263
  • Quilter's Newsletter Magazine, No. 262, "A Little Help From My Friends"
  • Quilt Label Patterns, under the Red Rose Quilts Hallmark (on going)
  • "A Quilt Show That Takes to the Great Outdoors," Quilting Today, July
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